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April 21
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Espoir Town - Airuri by EquestriaGurl77 Espoir Town - Airuri by EquestriaGurl77
Updated my babe, the art still sucks tho.. meh, oh well
I also updated some of her old lame info ew

Name: Airuri Racine Kira

Species: #509, Purrloin

Age: 21

Birthday: 2/7 February 7th

Nature: Timid

Characteristic: A little quick tempered

Ability: Limber
Moveset: :icondarktypeplz: Sucker Punch :iconnormaltypeplz: Encore  :icondarktypeplz: Foul Play :icondarktypeplz: Payback

Backstory: Airuri grew up in Nice, France. She didn't live in the safest of neighborhoods but was sheilded and oblivious to such horrid things happening where she lived. Airuri was raised by her mother alone until she was about 8. At that time her mother had married a Zweilous bringing his son along with him. Airuri quickly adapted to having a step brother, having a sibling at all was new to her. She was very kind and well-behaved to make things easier on her mother and to ensure her new step-brother and her got along well. Airuri never understood why she wasn't allowed to play and interact with other children. Her brother - though she loved his presence - wasn't always enough to keep her company. Having not been used to being around those she didn't know, she developed a small fear of them. Though this made it much easier for her to focus on school. She didn't socialize at all but instead was picked on. Airuri being submissive as she is, didn't have the courage to stand up for herself. Though she had her brother to help her with that. She wasn't exactly the rebellious teenager, but she wanted her space, she hated having her mother breathe down her neck throughout her school years. Her mother suggested she go to a boarding school. Airuri couldn't stand the thought of leaving her brother behind and going to a completely different country just to attend a school. But her mother's descision was final. She was sent off to apply for Amie-Academy. She was terribly uncomfortable on her first day, she pretty much went with whatever was going on. This probably wasn't the best idea since it lead to her almost drowning...twice. As the days at Amie progressed, she started to meet some friends. Though these weren't just friends. These were 'mons that would stay with her throughout her life, helping her, guding her, and supporting her. Of course she didn't know this at the time. These friends of hers helped her come out of the saferoom that she called 'shyness'. Though not completely, she's still very timid when meeting new 'mons, it's an old habit that'll die hard. Whenever it was possible, she used her freetime to try her hand at art. An activity she admired greatly. She's still in possession of the sketch book she drew in all throughout amie. College wasn't a very eventful time in her life. Without her friends life didn't have that spark it once did. She went into a state of loneliness and shyness, shutting others out from her life. Again, failing to socialize needlessly really helped with her grades. She was on the path to a fashion occupation, assuming it'd pay more and be a lot more useful than becoming a self-proclaimed artist. She left that passion behind, though she still had baking to fall back on, in case things went downhill. Sadly, that's exactly what they did. The purrloin had to scrounge up enough money to cover the basic costs of owning her own fashion company, her designs weren't selling as much as she'd hoped. She strived to keep this dream alive. And it took it's toll on her, all the stress and loss of funds due to this really hurt her. Her stress was so bad, she needed an outlet for it. Unfortuneately she chose the worst and most costly- money and health-wise - outlet for this stress. She began smoking, though as soon as she started she tried to quit. It was a hard task to satisfy her nicotine cravings. Soon enough she sought out help and was on the track to quitting full time. Airuri is still currently trying to find maybe an occupation or stress outlet that'll bring her more happiness.
Personality: Airuri has always been shy, though as a young adult she is less shy now. She's sensitive and is quick to cry, she's also - on occasion - quiet the chatter box. Airuri's a huge hopeless romantic so she's very affectionate the second she gets to know you. She's kind most of the time but if her buttons are pushed she can be a really sassy, grumpy and blunt kitty. She's very dependent on the help of others when she has a problem. She only makes her problems worse. Airuri's a great listener and likes if others are comfortable with venting to her if needed. The purrloin's got quite the sweet tooth, she's especially fond of watermelons and cake.  She's got a sense of generosity and will give and offer things and compliments constantly. She's not one to hold grudges or be too angry at anybody but when she is, she'll have very blunt and monotone-voiced demeanor or she'll keep raising her voice. She's very nosey curious and is likely to ask lots of questions if something catches her attention.

:bulletpink: She's claustrophobic
:bulletpink: She's got a bad smoking habit (she's working on quitting)
:bulletpink: She's got a weakness for cake (food in general really)
:bulletpink: she's still fairly shy around new mons
:bulletpink: She doesn't use conjunctions (unless it's possesive e.i. "Airuri's")
:bulletpink: She's fluent in french
:bulletpink: She's almost ALWAYS eating, she's so fat ohmygod
:bulletpink: She has one (step)sibling
:bulletpink: Every other sentence she says includes "ah" and "yes?"
:bulletpink: the green faded out of her hair
:bulletpink: She WILL kiss you on both cheeks (LITERALLY EVERYONE)
:bulletpink: If she should curse, it'll be in french ( :'D )
:bulletpink: her favorite color is green
:bulletpink: her favorite flowers are white lillies
:bulletpink: Her mother was remarried
Some stuff that's happening:
:bulletyellow: She has discOVERED HOODIE S
:bulletyellow: She's still considering surgery
:bulletyellow: She's doing better with smoking
:bulletyellow: She (Blaine) broke her phone

:bulletpink: Sexuality- Demisexual: Regardless of gender, but a bond must be formed
:bulletpink: Relationship- no one, lonely baby
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bombblaster89 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dat hair.. I love it for some reason. This looks great. :3
EquestriaGurl77 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
Everyone loves her luscious mane XDDDDD
bombblaster89 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's pretty :3
Deleca-7755 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I thought it said age, and it said she was 509.
EquestriaGurl77 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
omgggggggg XD
Maerken Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Hhhhmmm, I love her curves >/w/<
*hugs and pets* She sounds unlucky though, it's a bit sad <:<
EquestriaGurl77 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Yeah, she hasn't been living the best life..
Dee-Bunny-79 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
I like the way she looks. She's got a little bit of a "Jessica Rabbit" thing going on. :)

Delilah: The resemblance is uncanny.
EquestriaGurl77 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Ah hah, I wish she was that tall XD

Airur: do I really?
Dee-Bunny-79 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Lol Well, she's still a good looking girl none the less. Hope we could RP sometime. :)

Delilah: Long red hair covering one eye, lean and curvaceous body, somewhat stoic and confident personality... Yeah, I can see it.
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